Glass and Aluminum Custom Build and Customization Markham

Commercial Glass & Aluminum custom build

NEED TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR GLASS and ALUMINUM NEEDS? When ordering customized glass, you have variety of different choices. There are many types of glasses and each has its advantages at specific situations with specific items. Windows and doors are not the only items that require glass and they are not the only item that we provide service for. There are many other items that will require glass and most of them may require customized glass where we excel. We also fix or redesign your previous custom built Glass and Aluminum. We understand that in most emergency cases the original designers are not around but we are, trust us and let us help.

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We value your time & business and make sure not to involve you in any technical or time pressure problems. Our service time is flexible and service procedure will be clean. Just call us and describe the problem, we take care of the rest!