Glass Repair, Replacement, Installation Services

Glass Repair, Replacement, Installation Services


Every home or business requires glass.

Some have minor use for them and some have much bigger use for them and A Glass and Aluminum understands the importance of that. Whether you are renovating, building, constructing, method of energy saving, or even just changing the look for your Commercial or Residential, we can help you. You think of the best scenario and the perfect look for your home or business and we will make it happen.


When ordering customized glass, you have variety of different choices. There are many types of glasses and each has its advantages at specific situations with specific items.

Windows and doors are not the only items that require glass and they are not the only item that we provide service for. There are many other items that will require glass and most of them may require customized glass where we excel.

Frameless Glasses

Frameless Glasses has recently became very popular. We have done many quality customized frameless glasses in both residential (such as shower glass) and commercial (such as glass partitions) projects.

Frameless glass projects could include: