Hollow Metal Fire Rated Emergency Exit Door


Hollow Metal Fire Rated Emergency Exit Door


 When it comes to commercial buildings, entrance and openings must handle heavy duty usage and security risks. This is when hollow metal frames and hollow metal doors can show their abilities and great performance.

Hollow Metal Frames are generally made by cold rolled steel sheets. There are two well-known styles of Hollow Metal Frames: 3-Sided Frames and Detailed Frames and both metal and wood doors can be installed in them.

Hollow Metal Doors are made by steel sheets, re-enforced and filled with insulation. These kind of doors are suitable for public entrances, warehouses, factories and emergency exits and are more abuse, violence resistant. A Hollow Metal Door work longer than a wood or fiberglass door.


Project details

  • Year: Sunday, October 7, 2018
  • location: : Scarbourough
  • Services: : Aluminum, Custom Build, Commercial